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Aspen Tower boasts many luxurious amenities and comfortable features which enhances the lifestyle of the residents. With various luxurious inclusions, the residents do not require frequent stepping out of their residence. This provision allows a lot of time to be saved which can be put to other productive use.

Aspen Tower features a master swimming pool of twenty-five meters where the residents can spend elongated relaxed sessions in cool waters. There is also a smaller kiddie pool where the kids can enjoy with their friends. These two separate pools allow the privacy of the occupants to be maintained to the core. There is also a Jacuzzi provided for the luxurious living of the occupants of the property. In order to enjoy the wonders of a Jacuzzi, the residents of Aspen Tower need not step out of their residence.  

A well-equipped gymnasium is another offering of Aspen Tower which lets the occupants enjoy their regular workout sessions. Be it mornings or evenings, the residents of Aspen Tower can anytime hit the gym and use this available workout space. This gym space is occupied with top-notch gym equipment which further enhances the workout experience of the residents.

An entertainment room is another offering of Aspen Tower where the residents can enjoy a number of recreational activities with friends, family, and neighbors. This entertainment room is also one of the favorites of the kids where they can play several indoor games with their friends and siblings. There is also a multiple purpose hall incorporated in Aspen Tower where multiple activities can take place which in turn would benefit the residents. As the name suggests, this hall is a multi-purpose development and can be used as per the requirements of the residents. 

The other outdoor amenities include beautiful cabanas and wide jogging tracks. These cabanas can be used by the residents to spend some quality time in the outdoors and enjoy the soothing weather and cool breeze as per their desire. The jogging track, on the other hand, allow the residents to have regular morning, evening or night jogging sessions while still being inside their residing community. A functions room with a spacious pantry and bar is also accommodated in Aspen Tower where the residents can host events and functions as per their convenience.

  • 24-hour Security
  • Gym
  • Swimming Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
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